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What we do: is a service that captures your memories and puts them on our website for you to share with your family and friends immediately after your party is over. We take professional digital photographs throughout your party and provide your guests with an immediate tool for sharing and interacting, our site is where the party can live on... online.

How it works:

We send a professional digital photographer to your party. Business-sized cards are given out to your guests that instruct them to visit to view the photos. When your party is over, our on-call web team optimizes your photos for web, and a web page is coded to display all the photos within 24 - 48 hours after your party.

Benefits of using digital photography and web services:
  • Immediate viewing of your party photos

    After your party is over you can simply log on to and see your photos 24 - 48 hours after your party ends.

  • Compliments and enhances your party services can be used along with a photography studio to ensure the candid shots they take of you and your guests will be available on our site.

  • Affordable, reliable and professional service

    We guarantee services will be a hit at your next special event. If your party has a tight budget, will still provide you with professional outstanding reliable service at a price you can afford.

  • Memories for everyone

    Finally a perfect opportunity and simple way of sharing the party photos on with all the guests including the out-of-towners.

  • Hassle free proofing

    You can view all your party photos on in the convenience of your own home and decide which ones you would like to print.

  • The party lives on...

    Interact on as it is an outlet for you and your guests to share memories. Email photos to friends, post your comments, view video clips, sound bytes and create your digital party place.

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